Regina Spektor - The Call
It started out as a feelingWhich then grew into a hopeWhich then turned into a quiet thoughtWhich then turned into a quiet word以感情作為出發點,接著發展成無限希望,接著轉變成沉默想像接著轉變成輕聲細語
And then that word grew louder and louder'Til it was a battle cry然後這句話變得越來越響亮,直到他成為戰時的吶喊
I'll come backWhen you call meNo need to say goodbye我會回來當你呼喚我無須道別
Just because everything's changingDoesn't mean it's neverBeen this way before世事多變卻不代表它從不曾是這個樣子
All you can do is try to knowWho your friends areAs you head off to the warPick a star on the dark horizon你所能做的就是試著去探知誰才是你的朋友在戰場上化險為夷在黑暗的地平線上揀選一顆星星
And follow the lightYou'll come backWhen it's overNo need to say good byeYou'll come backWhen it's overNo need to say good bye跟隨光明當所有的事情走到終點你會回來現在無須道別你會回來當所有的事情走到終點無須道別
Now we're back to the beginningIt's just a feeling and now one knows yetBut just because they can't feel it tooDoesn't mean that you have to forget現在我們回到最初起點只是一種感覺,還沒人知道,他們沒辦法去感受,並不代表你必須遺忘
Let your memories grow stronger and stronger'Til they're before your eyes讓你的回憶越來越深刻直到他們出現在你眼前


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